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Yes, you read it right you don’t have to worry about your keys! How? Thanks to the geniuses behind the electronic door locks or what the millennials refer to as smart locks. If before only the wealthy people can afford such locks, now even an ordinary worker can use it.Singapore  Locksmith vendor are also updating their services as the demand for smart locks increases.
According to Yale Singapore, when they introduced the digital door locks in 2005, they were able to sell around 2000 pieces only that year. But now, the number has increased tremendously, and the trend is not only in Singapore but worldwide. (tnp.sg)
Digital Locks Entry Methods
Most of the smart locks come with one or more mode of entry, which includes keypad, RFID, Bluetooth, and biometric.
1. Keypad
The first electronic lock that was introduced not just in Singapore but around the world is by the use of keypads. You need a pin number to unlock the keypad. This type of digital lock remains popular, but there are some more advanced models being introduced in the market.
One of them uses touchscreen panels instead of buttons to enter the pin number. This type of locking system has security features that will help prevent the bad elements from figuring out the code.
2. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification
To unlock this kind of lock, you need a key card or fob. With this kind of lock, there is no need for you to remove the key card from your purse or pocket. It only means that you don’t have to fumble in the dark or try to look for your keys when your hands are full to enter your home.
3. Bluetooth
This type of locks functions by sensing your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and opening once you are near the door. In case your smartphone battery dies or you cannot find your key fob, Bluetooth and RFID have secondary means of electronic entry.
4. Biometric
Most companies use this type of lock. To get entry, you need to use your fingerprint. If you have used this feature on your laptop or smartphone, you know how it works. You just need to program your fingerprint first, as well as those you want to have access to your home.
How Smart Electronic Locks Can Get?
You can open an electronic lock remotely using an application and can integrate with your home automation system to keep it more secure. This is how smart electronic locks these days.
For instance, if your alarm system senses that there is water in your basement while you are on vacation, the smart locks can alert you and you can ask your neighbor to check it. You can unlock the door even if you are miles away, so your neighbor can check on it. Once the problem has been resolved, you can lock your home again. Isn’t it amazing, the problem was resolved even if you are out on the beach?
With these electronic door locks your property is safe and you don’t to worry that someone might pick on your door knobs while you are away.
So, if you still haven’t changed your locking system, you need to start working on it now and find the best locksmith near you.

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Interior Designs that Suit your Lifestyle http://www.excelsiusinvestments.com/2017/06/01/interior-designs-that-suit-your-lifestyle/ http://www.excelsiusinvestments.com/2017/06/01/interior-designs-that-suit-your-lifestyle/#respond Thu, 01 Jun 2017 16:34:53 +0000 http://excelsiusinvestments.com/?p=25 Continue reading "Interior Designs that Suit your Lifestyle"]]> Home is the place where you put all your guards down to have a wonderful time alone or with your loved ones. It’s a four letter word that should be spelled as COMFORT. This is your castle where you know where the things you need are, and where to do what. Here is where you can laugh all you want or cry your heart out without worrying about how you’d look like. For most people, though, being at home could be a little frustrating because the moment you open the door, all you see is a messy, unorganized space that won’t let you relax for even a minute. But worry not, because we’ve gathered some tips so you can finally say ‘There’s no place like home!’
When it comes to interior design, it’s better to list down your priorities according to your lifestyle before rummaging the web for awesome ideas. Without ‘The List,’ you’ll blindly choose designs or furnishings that look impressive, but might not actually fit your needs.

Kid-friendly Homes for Families
Remember how your mom would always scream and say, ‘Why aren’t you running out of ways to ruin the house?!’ Well, it’s almost always inescapable to have an expensive home decor broken by a playful, growing toddler. Unless yours is a Boss Baby, you cannot really lavish your place with the delicate kind of decors. Make your home as kid-friendly as possible by going for low-maintenance choices, such as metal vases over the fragile ones, iron photo frames without the glass, wipeable rustic-looking paint, wooden window blinds over long drapes, stain-free vinyl or leather fabric, and easy-to-clean hardwood or linoleum floors. Instead of white couches with a soft fabric, go for the most durable furniture that you can afford. These pieces will last for several years even with daily exposure to your hyperactive kids.
It’s also advisable to have a designated play room where all their toys and play equipment are. Let the kids have a say on the decors you’ll put inside so they can feel a sense of ownership. This might make them stay inside that room for as long as they want to play, while your fragile and breakable decors in the living room are free from any of their abuses. Better leave a huge space at the center too where they can be as active as they want to be. Don’t forget to have an arts and crafts area for your future Da Vinci or Michaelangelo.

Home Decorating for Single Ladies
For a typical working gal who wants to have all the conveniences a home can offer, better be honest with yourself about what you need and can maintain and those that you cannot.
It’s always a wise option to go for a pantry-style kitchen with not much appliances. If you’re the type who doesn’t really have time to cook, all you need is a toaster, a small stove, a fridge, and that magical microwave oven. Opt for a huge table that’s near all the aforementioned appliances so you can easily get what you need without having to move a lot.
The living room is where you can get all stylish when choosing what you want to put in. Turn this area into one that reflects your personality. Put that trendy bookshelf where you can display your collection, and that classy or pastel-colored floral sofa you’ve been drying to have. Hang the photos and decors you’d love to see on a daily basis as you relax from a tiring work day. No matter what your style is, keep the area clutter-free and elegant.

Functional and Practical is the Way to go for Most Guys
Yes, these are the top two words that interior designers hear from men who’d like to have their homes ‘fixed,’ not actually decorated. According to an interior designer from San Francisco, USA, Nicole Hollis, sleek and minimalist is the general theme that guys choose for their personal spaces.
They prefer a peaceful and soft ambiance to their bedrooms, without the unnecessary furnishings that would just eat up space. Beds should be filled with cozy and comforting cushions that will make you want to hop in after a long day. Neutral colors are also preferred over playful or bright ones. Guys would always go for furniture and decors that will make their living more comfortable, practical, and efficient. That could mean many a television at the foot of their bed, a clutter-free computer desk, and microwave oven on top of a food-filled refrigerator.
There you go. These informative and practical tips for home decorating will make your personal spaces truly suitable and liveable for the lifestyle that you have. Keep in mind that your home interior design should adjust to your needs and wants, not the other way around. Should you require more professional advise, seek out hueconcept interior to mend your house. They are hardcore designer that bring different ideas to the table. Having say that, be sure to look for a designer that understand your requirement.

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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Study for a Master’s Degree http://www.excelsiusinvestments.com/2017/06/01/compelling-reasons-why-you-should-study-for-a-masters-degree/ http://www.excelsiusinvestments.com/2017/06/01/compelling-reasons-why-you-should-study-for-a-masters-degree/#respond Thu, 01 Jun 2017 16:32:53 +0000 http://excelsiusinvestments.com/?p=23 Continue reading "Compelling Reasons Why You Should Study for a Master’s Degree"]]> Sometimes, as we finish our mundane work in the office, we wonder how to make every aspect of our professional life better. We think there should be something better than dealing with a mountain-worth of paperwork or numerous deadlines we have to beat. And you know what folks, if you are thinking of ways to have that breakthrough in your professional life, there is one surefire way to do it – get a Master’s Degree in your field of work. And in line with this suggestion, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting one to improve your lifestyle.

1. To secure your career
No matter how hard we work, we can never be able to say our livelihood is secure. It can be because of a boss who hates you, you company needs to save money by reducing the workforce, or other external factors that can endanger your source of income. Be that as it may, obtaining a Master’s degree will help you secure your job and make your employers think you’re a major contributor to the company’s success. Plus, once you’ve graduated with a Master’s degree, you can be sure other employers will scout you and pry you away from your current company with better benefits. Now that’s job security that will change your life for the better.

2. To increase your professional value
Companies tend to give more importance to employees with more skill and knowledge in their arsenal. As a result, they also tend to give more benefits and compensation to prevent them from taking their talents to their competitors. Now, if you want a bigger paycheck, more vacation leaves, and a better position in your workplace, the best way to achieve those things is to study for a Master’s program and graduate with a degree. According to Fox Business, Employees with a Master’s Degree earn an average of 30% more than normal employees. This will aid in improving your professional worth and making you more valuable to your employers.

3. To help you get further ahead of the competition
In a professional setting, Person A can be more important because he/she has a specific skill Person B doesn’t have. At the same time, Person A is more valued in a workplace because he/she has experience in accomplishing a goal that no one else has. This is one of the ways a Master’s Degree can help you stand out from the crowd because it equips you with specialized training and skills to help you accomplish more work or deliver the results needed by your company. With this degree, you are placed higher in the corporate chain and you’re stock is greater than those or the ordinary rank and file employees. At the same time, you are also in demand by other companies in your field and there’s a bigger chance they want you to work for them. According to a survey done for the Graduate Management Council last 2013, 75% of employers would most definitely hire a person who has graduated with a Master’s Degree. This means they will use up their resources to entice you to work for them. You have the ball in your hands and what you want finally matters in your professional life.

4. To help develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen field
Studying for a Master’s Degree provides you with a new set of skills you may need to take that next step in your career. With a proven program that’s designed to help you succeed under pressure, there’s no way you’re gonna stay in your current level by the time you’ve graduated with a Master’s Degree. Plus, you are also trained to tackle problems in your chosen field only a few can ever deal with. This gives you more credibility and respect whenever goals are set for you in the workplace.

Having a Master’s Degree isn’t the end-all-be-all solution for your success. Of course, hard work and having the right attitude will bring you farther than you’ve ever gone to. It’s just that this degree is the affirmation of that hard work and a tool to improve your attitude. If these reasons entice you, or you may have other benefits to share, do hit us up in the comments below Folks.

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Remodelling Prep Tips That Can Save You From a Lot of Stress http://www.excelsiusinvestments.com/2017/06/01/remodelling-prep-tips-that-can-save-you-from-a-lot-of-stress/ http://www.excelsiusinvestments.com/2017/06/01/remodelling-prep-tips-that-can-save-you-from-a-lot-of-stress/#respond Thu, 01 Jun 2017 16:29:19 +0000 http://excelsiusinvestments.com/?p=21 Continue reading "Remodelling Prep Tips That Can Save You From a Lot of Stress"]]> Sometimes in life, we tend to look for something better or for a new discovery that can jumpstart our excitement. It can be a new phone with a larger memory, a faster car that can seat your whole family, or a higher position at work that can improve your lifestyle. In fact, the same can be also said for your house. Whether you’ve given it a lot of thought, your home could use some remodelling to infuse new life in it. Furthermore, remodelling your property can increase its level of comfort and value. But before you take that leap of faith, here are a couple of tips to ensure your remodelling plans go off without a hitch.

1. Research, research, and research more

Just like with every major life decision, you have to do some research first before you set anything in stone when it comes to your remodelling plans. For starters, you may have to invest some time on the internet for quality remodelling ideas you can adopt. You can start by opening up your Pinterest account and check out a whole world of remodeling concepts that may entice you. Plus, you can also ask your friends and loved ones if they have any remodelling tip they can contribute. Even if they have none, they can give you a lead on where to source out that rustic bookshelf you’ve been eyeing or a contractor who can install wood floors in your home. In all of this, don’t forget to list the ideas that you like, contact numbers of remodellers who can help you out, or the places where you can get the materials you need.

2. Set a realistic budget

We all know remodeling a house can really empty your bank accounts faster than you expected. And if you’re not careful, you’d end up bankrupt and swimming in debt before you know it. You don’t believe us? Well, here’s a report on the average cost of home remodelling back in 2016 to help you decided. So before you commit to any remodeling plan, get that pen and paper out first and list down your budget. Write how much money you have, how much money you need, and the total expenses you’re gonna incur. Furthermore, give yourself some financial leeway and increase your budget for any unexpected expenses. In this way, you’re not gonna be surprised when something needed comes along you way.

3. Consider your family and your lifestyle

Now, before any remodeling work should be done in your home, think carefully if this project will cause any noticeable difference for your family. For example, turning your kids’ playroom into your home office can be really disappointing for them but it would most certainly add income to your household. That’s just one of the many examples of things that can happen, and you should look at all angles to ensure your remodeling plans will help you live better, and not the opposite.

4. Secure your belongings and valuables well

So, you’ve finally found skilled contractors who can accomplish your remodeling plans huh? That’s all good and great but do remember, you don’t know these people well enough to entrust the safety of your home. Better create a working schedule wherein you can be there to monitor them as they do their thing. Keep all your valuable items and documents in a safe, or a place that cannot be easily accessed by anyone. Plus, you can also move your furniture and appliances to a certain part of your home so they won’t be affected by any remodeling work being done.

5. Make the necessary adjustments

As we’ve tackled earlier, it’s almost safe to assume there are gonna be adjustments made when it comes to your remodeling plans. When that happens, do not freak out and panic. If you did your homework, you should have accounted for these adjustments when they do appear. Nothing is set in stone and in this case, you should also be prepared when the material you want needs to be shipped or an additional contractor needs to be hired to finish the work on time. In all of this, just remember not to go over your budget, and be reasonable with the remodeling choices you make.

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