Interior Designs that Suit your Lifestyle

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Home is the place where you put all your guards down to have a wonderful time alone or with your loved ones. It’s a four letter word that should be spelled as COMFORT. This is your castle where you know where the things you need are, and where to do what. Here is where you can laugh all you want or cry your heart out without worrying about how you’d look like. For most people, though, being at home could be a little frustrating because the moment you open the door, all you see is a messy, unorganized space that won’t let you relax for even a minute. But worry not, because we’ve gathered some tips so you can finally say ‘There’s no place like home!’
When it comes to interior design, it’s better to list down your priorities according to your lifestyle before rummaging the web for awesome ideas. Without ‘The List,’ you’ll blindly choose designs or furnishings that look impressive, but might not actually fit your needs.

Kid-friendly Homes for Families
Remember how your mom would always scream and say, ‘Why aren’t you running out of ways to ruin the house?!’ Well, it’s almost always inescapable to have an expensive home decor broken by a playful, growing toddler. Unless yours is a Boss Baby, you cannot really lavish your place with the delicate kind of decors. Make your home as kid-friendly as possible by going for low-maintenance choices, such as metal vases over the fragile ones, iron photo frames without the glass, wipeable rustic-looking paint, wooden window blinds over long drapes, stain-free vinyl or leather fabric, and easy-to-clean hardwood or linoleum floors. Instead of white couches with a soft fabric, go for the most durable furniture that you can afford. These pieces will last for several years even with daily exposure to your hyperactive kids.
It’s also advisable to have a designated play room where all their toys and play equipment are. Let the kids have a say on the decors you’ll put inside so they can feel a sense of ownership. This might make them stay inside that room for as long as they want to play, while your fragile and breakable decors in the living room are free from any of their abuses. Better leave a huge space at the center too where they can be as active as they want to be. Don’t forget to have an arts and crafts area for your future Da Vinci or Michaelangelo.

Home Decorating for Single Ladies
For a typical working gal who wants to have all the conveniences a home can offer, better be honest with yourself about what you need and can maintain and those that you cannot.
It’s always a wise option to go for a pantry-style kitchen with not much appliances. If you’re the type who doesn’t really have time to cook, all you need is a toaster, a small stove, a fridge, and that magical microwave oven. Opt for a huge table that’s near all the aforementioned appliances so you can easily get what you need without having to move a lot.
The living room is where you can get all stylish when choosing what you want to put in. Turn this area into one that reflects your personality. Put that trendy bookshelf where you can display your collection, and that classy or pastel-colored floral sofa you’ve been drying to have. Hang the photos and decors you’d love to see on a daily basis as you relax from a tiring work day. No matter what your style is, keep the area clutter-free and elegant.

Functional and Practical is the Way to go for Most Guys
Yes, these are the top two words that interior designers hear from men who’d like to have their homes ‘fixed,’ not actually decorated. According to an interior designer from San Francisco, USA, Nicole Hollis, sleek and minimalist is the general theme that guys choose for their personal spaces.
They prefer a peaceful and soft ambiance to their bedrooms, without the unnecessary furnishings that would just eat up space. Beds should be filled with cozy and comforting cushions that will make you want to hop in after a long day. Neutral colors are also preferred over playful or bright ones. Guys would always go for furniture and decors that will make their living more comfortable, practical, and efficient. That could mean many a television at the foot of their bed, a clutter-free computer desk, and microwave oven on top of a food-filled refrigerator.
There you go. These informative and practical tips for home decorating will make your personal spaces truly suitable and liveable for the lifestyle that you have. Keep in mind that your home interior design should adjust to your needs and wants, not the other way around. Should you require more professional advise, seek out hueconcept interior to mend your house. They are hardcore designer that bring different ideas to the table. Having say that, be sure to look for a designer that understand your requirement.

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