Enter the World of Digital Locks in Singapore

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You probably heard of this many times, “oh I forgot my keys!” Maybe, you have experienced it before and you are ashamed of yourself. The days of locking yourself out of your car or home is a thing of the past. With the latest technology, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys.
Yes, you read it right you don’t have to worry about your keys! How? Thanks to the geniuses behind the electronic door locks or what the millennials refer to as smart locks. If before only the wealthy people can afford such locks, now even an ordinary worker can use it.Singapore  Locksmith vendor are also updating their services as the demand for smart locks increases.
According to Yale Singapore, when they introduced the digital door locks in 2005, they were able to sell around 2000 pieces only that year. But now, the number has increased tremendously, and the trend is not only in Singapore but worldwide. (tnp.sg)
Digital Locks Entry Methods
Most of the smart locks come with one or more mode of entry, which includes keypad, RFID, Bluetooth, and biometric.
1. Keypad
The first electronic lock that was introduced not just in Singapore but around the world is by the use of keypads. You need a pin number to unlock the keypad. This type of digital lock remains popular, but there are some more advanced models being introduced in the market.
One of them uses touchscreen panels instead of buttons to enter the pin number. This type of locking system has security features that will help prevent the bad elements from figuring out the code.
2. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification
To unlock this kind of lock, you need a key card or fob. With this kind of lock, there is no need for you to remove the key card from your purse or pocket. It only means that you don’t have to fumble in the dark or try to look for your keys when your hands are full to enter your home.
3. Bluetooth
This type of locks functions by sensing your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and opening once you are near the door. In case your smartphone battery dies or you cannot find your key fob, Bluetooth and RFID have secondary means of electronic entry.
4. Biometric
Most companies use this type of lock. To get entry, you need to use your fingerprint. If you have used this feature on your laptop or smartphone, you know how it works. You just need to program your fingerprint first, as well as those you want to have access to your home.
How Smart Electronic Locks Can Get?
You can open an electronic lock remotely using an application and can integrate with your home automation system to keep it more secure. This is how smart electronic locks these days.
For instance, if your alarm system senses that there is water in your basement while you are on vacation, the smart locks can alert you and you can ask your neighbor to check it. You can unlock the door even if you are miles away, so your neighbor can check on it. Once the problem has been resolved, you can lock your home again. Isn’t it amazing, the problem was resolved even if you are out on the beach?
With these electronic door locks your property is safe and you don’t to worry that someone might pick on your door knobs while you are away.
So, if you still haven’t changed your locking system, you need to start working on it now and find the best locksmith near you.

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